Blowing off the dust

Blogging is an interesting form of introversion.

In some cases, with critical mass, I guess you can make the case that blogs are in fact an extroverted form of communication.  But most of the entries and essays in this collection were written to help me organize my thoughts.

I obviously haven't been writing much here recently, but I contend that there are many good (and timeless) ideas and insights in this collection.  I've left it up in case someone with good Google fu stumbles into my content and finds it useful.

It turns out, that was a good call. Most recent case in point, Nick Krym, author of the excellent blog Pragmatic Outsourcing apparently found his way to my little archive. He thought it useful enough to rank me among the top 50 or so blogs in existence on the topic of IT outsourcing.  Given that the list contains blogs authored by corporations and advisory consortia with lots of resources, I think this is great company! I'm very gracious to be thus ranked!  Thanks Nick!  And to any of Pragmatic Outsourcing's readership who find their way here, welcome and enjoy.

Anyway, for a well-curated blog roll, check out the listing here.

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