It's a major award...

So, I acknowledge it as reprehensible and unforgivable that I haven't written in this blog since early June, 2010. My bad. I jumped into a leadership position in a small startup (building search and sourcing tools for the recruiting and RPO industry) and have been heads down making and shipping software for nearly a year.

But... silence seems to be a useful strategy for blogging.

Even with a dearth of new posts, I just won a major award.

(Props to you if you get the movie reference...)

I was recently named one of the top bloggers in the shared services and outsourcing industry, as selected by the fine folks at The Shared Services and Outsourcing Network. (I posted about them some time ago, here.)

That confirms what I hoped, which was that this pile of information that I wrote up when I was working on my (stalled and probably abandoned) book would be useful to people... Mission accomplished.

At any rate, Inside Outsource has been honored at one of the top 15 blogs in the industry. And, for your reading pleasure, there is now a great list containing a link back to me, as well as to 14 other great blogs (many with content written, you know, recently) here, at SSON. Read and enjoy.

Also, Major Award: