Freelancing in Ukraine

Companies like oDesk, eLance, and uTest have built a good business connecting freelance engineers with jobs and job-work. I've recently started working closely with a major crowd-sourced collaboration company on a project, and have developed a very favorable opinion of the work they get done.

So, this news strikes me as interesting, and a bit dangerous to their business model:

More info after the jump to Slashdot, but the gist is that the Ukrainian government is after the tax income from freelance associates paid by foreign companies. It's inevitable that this part of the economy would come under scrutiny, but probably wrong-headed to put onerous restrictions in place that shut down the ability for these freelancers to work on global projects...

Anyway, hopefully the guys at the above-mentioned companies are on top of this, since there I've worked with some great engineers in Ukraine recently.

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