A possible end to the fighting in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka doesn't often sort to the top of the list of outsourcing hot spots, but I have been lucky enough to work with several dozen very bright, dedicated, excellent engineers who work for a great OPD company with a center in Colombo.  And I've visited Colombo twice, and enjoyed my visit both times in spite of the then heavy military presence.  So I've always had a bit of a personal interest in the multi-year civil war there.

As anyone who follows global news knows, fighting between Sri Lanka's  government and the LTTE (the Tamil Tigers) has been on a steady rise over the last several months.  The LTTE have been fighting and occupying an ever decreasing territory in the North-East of the country. There has been a lot of international pressure on the SL government over the question of civilian fatalities and displacement due to the fighting. 

Apparently the military capability of the LTTE was eradicated this week, facilitating a significant move toward peace.


Earlier this week, on May 19 2009, the President of Sri Lanka declared a national holiday in celebration of the end of the 25 year-old Civil War.  Sri Lankan army troops have allegedly killed the leader of the LTTE, and the current leadership of the Tamil separatists have agreed to lay down arms and begin peace talks.


While it seems premature to declare a single-day victory in a 25 year insurgency, such are the events on the ground in Colombo this week. 


Apparently the general mood in the country is one of elation to finally be leaving a bad chapter in the past. There's a good article on this here, at Financial Times.  

I wish the country luck in its peace, and in its rebuilding and relocation of displaced Tamil citizens.



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With the end of LTTE chief , we are expecting a new turn in tamil focused politics. Though the president is talking about the equal rights but for those who have suffered already a lot since so many years because of no fault, is there would be nay special packages?