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I am the first to admit that since late 2008 a shadow of doubt has fallen over the entire broad field of globalization. From presidential politics to questions about culpability in the global economic meltdown, it hasn't been a good time to be a  proponent of and active participant in globalization.  

My negligible blog output reflects both this pall, and the profound uncertainty surrounding the business on which I generally comment. 

The bad news is that this era of uncertainty about where the global services economy is headed seems to be a new constant, and isn't heading toward clarity any time soon.  

The good news is that in spite of this uncertainty, I've got a lot of new ideas observations and ideas to share in the coming weeks.

The first of these is a link to a very interesting and useful resources at the University of Michigan.  Check out The William Davidson Institute web site (best viewed with Explorer, as they have some menu widgets that don't work in Chrome).  

I stumbled across this institute because I'm reviewing a very good book by Robert E. Kennedy, their Executive Director (more on the book later this week).  The institute is an interesting and useful resource for anyone interested in the academic side of globalization, or the more broad areas of sustainable development, poverty alleviation, and general business trends in emerging markets.

With events in Chile, Colombia, Algeria, Rwanda, and Latvia on their Q2 calendar, these guys clearly get around.  Their site is worth some time, particularly for anyone who writes or does research in the field of globalization.  Their web site has an archive of policy briefs, business briefs, and academic working papers available for download.  Most interestingly, the working papers seem to be collected from universities all over the world, and should give an interesting "global" perspective on globalization.

Read and enjoy.

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