I posted some time back about a freelance aggregation site called Scriptlance. I just stumbled across another reference, in a blog I read called "Cool Tools." The post in question talks about an aggregation service called Elance. They've apparently brokered $60M in contracted freelance jobs in the last year, with a very small dispute ratio. According to Kool Tools author Kevin Kelly:

Elance's escrow service holds the payment and protects both the work provider and you the employer. The site provides status updates on work done, and plenty of communication between the parties. Workers must pass a competency test to qualify to be listed. Some freelancers can also pass expertise tests in a mild form of certification, say for working on java or ajax, etc. Elance freelancers did about $60 million of work last year and less than 1% of the jobs had any kind of dispute, and most of those were self-resolved by the fact that the entire transaction correspondence is logged. (quoted from Cool Tools.)

I really like this business model. I'm on the verge of bidding out a logo design, and a web site redesign, and I'm going to try Elance. More news on this project and business model as I get it.


ExecutiveBrief said...

Maturity levels could be well associated with and used in the process of outsourcing vendor selection.

In the outsourcing selection decision, many organizations use the candidate suppliers’ maturity level as one of the decision-making criteria. Suppliers want to maximize their chances of winning business from companies that are pursuing offshore outsourcing services. Since CMMI maturity level ratings serve as a differentiator, these organizations want to position themselves among the elite. Maturity level 5 is the place to be, in CMMI terms.

More about this trend here: CMMI - Does Your Outsourcing Supplier Make the Grade?

Tom Hickman said...

So, I don't know and am in no way affiliated with ExecutiveBrief, but I let the comment through anyway. I agree that CMMI 5 is good, but continue to be somewhat heretical about process orientation being as important as CMMI level 5 vendors want the world to believe. Remember, this is a market differentiator to outsourcing firms, and as such, they will push it as important. Certainly, high process orientation will correlate highly with success, but won't guarantee it, and isn't necessarily a precursor. YMMV.

Tom Hickman said...

Also, I just figured out that these comments should have been made in the previous blog entry, about outsourcing and process... That's an issue with where the blogger interface puts the "comments" button... So, anyone reading these comments, be advised that they really apply to the post entitled "Outsourcing and Process," not the one about "Elance."

Kristi Patrice Carter said...

I have been an Elance service provider for over 10 years and have completed over 800 projects to date. I honestly enjoy marketing my writing services through their online marketplace. I seriously recommend that you give them a try. Here's some advice: Write individual bids, Bid often, Be careful with the type of buyers you deal with (only choose providers with proven reputations and clear instructions), only choose projects that you can excel on, and do your best. Good luck!