Attacks in Mumbai

I had planned to finish my trip report and write up my impressions of a dozen or so companies I chatted with in Chengdu last week.  Until late last night, when my wife checked the news on-line and pointed out this to me.

The summary is that there were coordinated attacks in Mumbai yesterday, at several 5-star hotels, and other places through the city.  Apparently the attackers were targetting Americans and Brits.  

"The death toll had reached 101 by early Thursday afternoon, with nearly 300 injured. WB Tayady, head of St George’s hospital, said most fatalities had been caused by bullet wounds."

I am largely desensitized to reports of violence in the news.  But this...  tragic and bad and distirbing and sad all at once.  I feel for the victims, and I think this starts to change my opinion about the safety of traveling and working in India...  

A few years back, I elected not to send work to a company in Indonesia, because I didn't think I would feel safe there, and I didn't think I'd be able to ask my staff to travel there without worrying about their safety.  India, I thought, has a long history of tolerance, and of dealing with conflict peacefully..   Well, maybe not so much any more.  It's too early to draw conclusions, but this is a big deal.  Fingers crossed for the remaining hostages.  I hope they resolve this, and rain vengeance down on the perpetrators. 

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