Apocryphal or just wierd?

An associate of mine in India asked me recently if I'd heard about some company that planned to anchor a ship 3 miles off the coast of LA, to provide "offshore" engineering services in international waters, allegedly away from pesky things like labor laws and T1 lines.

I strongly asserted that this was a hoax, as I seemed to recall this story popping up every 18 months or so. I'm right about the story popping up every so often, but it's not clear yet that this is or isn't a hoax.

  • This was covered by the Boston Globe in 2005. Link.
  • Network World picked up the story around the same time. Link.
  • Ditto this from Forbes, again around the same time. Link.
The company all these articles reference is called SeaCode. They have a very minimalist web site that confirms the basic approach outlined in the three articles above. They're going to pack a ship with Indian and Chinese engineers, and crank out code 24 X 7.

No mention of how they overcome network access challenges, storms, and the simple logistics of having a ship filled with 500 people, all of who will want to eat and presumably sleep in addition to coding their fingers to the bone.

It still sounds sketchy, but Snopes.com has nothing on it. The Who-Is look up for their domain lists one of the guys referenced in the articles above. So this might be a real thing...

I hope to hear back from them this week. If I do, I'll post an update.

Oh, and I retract my previous statement about this obviously being a hoax. That'll teach me not do to my research first...

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Tom Hickman said...

Quick update - I haven't heard back from the guys at SeaCode yet, so I'm going under the assumption that this is, in fact, a hoax. Or a scam. Or somebody's idea that hasn't gotten funding yet.