When it absolutely positively has to be there overnight...

FedEx Express van driving in Delhi, India., via: http://news.van.fedex.com/node/439

I never really thought about what the boom in IT outsourcing, outsourced product development and manufacturing is doing to business logistic and support companies in India and China. However, my wife sent me a link recently that really punctuated the fact that the old adage holds true: One of the best ways to make money on a gold-rush is to sell tools and services to the miners...

Federal Express (FedEx) has a FedEx India web site that is clearly seeking to capitalize on the trade between India and the US. Among their other activities, they're sponsoring an India Trade Mission, wherein they're hosting US executives on a one-week fact finding and networking trip through New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. Pretty cool stuff they're doing, in partnership with the U.S. Commercial Service.

In addition to this Trade Mission, they have a great fact sheet on India, that might be useful for anyone starting to do business there. If nothing else, it's entertaining to see what a different industry highlights about the Indian economy.

And of course, they will ship stuff to India for you, which is a far cry easier than the no-name shipping company I used several years back to get bulky storage appliances through customs and into my labs in Pune.

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