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This blog, Inside Outsource, has recently hit a milestone, wherein I've started getting hits and comments from people I've never met before. Given that I've done very little to publicize the existence of this endeavor, that's a very cool thing! It means that word of mouth is catching up with the content that I've been trying to provide.

If you're new to reading Inside Outsource, welcome. Look back through the archives, and I think you'll find some good, interesting, useful stuff. You may not agree with everything I say, but even if you disagree with my conclusions or my approach, I love a good debate. So please use the comments (or the e-mail feature) to let me know what you think!

Also, for anyone with an opinion on these matters:
  1. I'm in search of a new tag line for this blog. It used to be "A guide to making software on a small planet." My original intent was to explore topics specifically related to offshore product development. But my interests are more wide ranging than that, so the blog has become about globalization in general. If you have any great ideas about the tag line, leave a comment or e-mail me!
  2. I'm thinking about leaving Blogger and hosting this blog along with my commercial endeavors over on www.isosconsulting.com. Anyone have any opinions about the ease of use, feature capabilities, or general goodness of any of the alternative blogging packages like Wordpress, or Pixelpost, or Movable Type?
Thanks in advance for any thoughts, and welcome to all the new readers!

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