Best Practice - Get to know your trade organizations

This is a quick post with some reference links to outsourcing trade associations. These organizations generally have the job of "selling" India, Russia, China, etc. I've worked indirectly with both RUSSOFT and NASSCOM, and find them to be good organizations, though I'll offer the caveat that their job is to sell prospects on the quality and scale of their respective countries. They're not necessarily in the business of offering objective measured advice on where you should site an offshore team.

RUSSOFT: (Russian Software Developers Association)
RUSSOFT Association is the nation wide association of the most technically competent software developing companies from Russia, Byelorussia and Ukraine. By joining forces under the leadership of RUSSOFT we are able to provide customers with a range of comprehensive solutions and IT services. (their blurb about themselves.)

NASSCOM: (National (sic) Association of Software and Service Companies)
NASSCOM® is the premier trade body and the chamber of commerce of the IT-BPO industry in India. NASSCOM is a global trade body with more than 1200 members, of which over 250 are global companies from across US, UK, EU and A-Pac. NASSCOM's member and associate member companies are broadly in the business of Services, Products, IT Infrastructure Management, R&D services, E-commerce & web services, Engineering services offshoring and Animation and gaming. NASSCOM’s membership base constitutes over 95% of the industry revenues in India and employs over 2 million professionals. (their blurb about themselves.)

Ministry of Commerce, People's Republic of China:
China takes a slightly different approach to the same set of issues that NASSCOM and RUSSOFT face. Remembering that China's private sector is, well, not really private, trade development is a government issue. Their Ministry of Commerce has a 14-part mission statement. Here's a flavor:
To study on, put forth and implement multilateral and bilateral trade and economic cooperation policies, be responsible for multilateral and bilateral negotiations on trade and economic issues, coordinate domestic positions in negotiating with foreign parties, and to sign the relevant documents and monitor their implementation. (from Item %6 of their mission statement.)

Other countries will have similar trade organizations, so where ever you outsource, get to know the trade organization.

Take their propaganda with a grain of salt, but these organizations can be powerful allies in ensuring a good business climate, in ensuring education of engineering and IT talent, and in generally educating you about the place where you send some of your company's work.

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