Offshore Outsourcing Program Management (a job description)

As I thought further on this "program management" theme this morning, I realized I had a document that summed up my thoughts on the matter. This is a job description I wrote once, and is effectively in public domain (it was posted on Monster and various other jobs boards), so I think it's safe to de-identify it and post it here...

The Global Sourcing Office is responsible for technology staffing and outsourcing partnerships company wide while focusing in four key areas:

People: Recruit, build and train world-class teams on both sides of our global sourcing partnerships.

Process: Establish, document and implement secure, compliant and repeatable processes in support of our global sourcing efforts.

Partnerships: Establish, nurture and govern strong symmetric partnerships with our global staffing vendors.

Performance: Identify and implement performance metrics and targets to measure the efficiency, effectiveness and pervasiveness of our global sourcing initiative.

Responsibilities will include:

· Accountability for on-budget performance across the partner portfolio

· Accountability for the performance of the partner teams against agreed upon performance metrics

· Daily care and feeding of global teams including escalation and problem resolution

· Organizational strategy and succession planning within our partner teams

· Coaching and training of retained-staff team coordinators working with offshore teams

· Development, documentation and implementation of security, compliance and operational processes and best practices

· Discovery and analysis of new business opportunities for global sourcing

· On-site leadership with global partner teams (up to 40% international travel)

· Oversight of executive “governance” program for partner relationships

· Overall evangelism for global sourcing methodology and initiative

Required Skills & Experience:

· High energy, positive attitude, strong work ethic

· Passion for developing and delivering secure and robust software (and/or technology enabled services)

· Passion for delivering solutions that protect and manage critical enterprise information assets

· Strong technical background, with formal engineering training or equivalent

· Strong business and financial acumen, with formal business training or equivalent experience

· Strong leadership skills and experience

· Experience developing and delivering enterprise software products

· Experience developing and delivering captive xSP services and products

· 10+ years of direct or matrix management experience

· 4+ years direct experience managing offshore teams

· Experience working on the “vendor” side of global sourcing partnerships

· Experience managing offshore teams in a variety of countries, with specific emphasis on [insert your sourcing locale here]

· Passion for working with global teams

· Passion for security and regulatory compliance

· Creativity in applying security and compliance mandates to global sourcing models

· Understanding of and interest in economic and geopolitical factors impacting global sourcing

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