A bit more on home improvement

The saga of my kitchen counter outsourcing project continues. The contractor in question has committed to "stand by his work." My wife ultimately came up with the best vendor intervention tactic imaginable. Her stance was something like this:

I want you to do a quality job here, such that you would bring any prospective customer into this kitchen and show them this counter top as an example of your work. If you did that right now, do you think you'd ever book another job?

After she said that they quietly agreed to start over and do it right this time.

This ultimately falls down to referencability, and the threat of destroyed reputation. It's not what you want as your first line of defense in a vendor-client relationship, but it's a good fall-back if you don't have all your contract and vendor management ducks in a row...

Stay tuned for more on this non-high-tech outsourcing experiment...

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