I have taken exactly one yoga class in my life. Usually, I would attempt to parlay this modest experience and present myself as an authority on the subject. However, I know a couple of yoginis who would totally bust me if I even claimed I could touch my toes. So, this post must start with the caveat that I know nothing, or next to nothing, about yoga.

That said, I found this link on one of the blogs I read (click on the picture of the pretzel reading the paper):

The article is a brief discussion of the Pondicherry Yoga Festival. Sadly, for anyone planning a Q2 trip to India, this has come and gone for 2008, but the ad campaign for this festival was just amazing (which is why it's gotten attention on so many blogs).

I posted this for three reasons:
  1. It shows some of the creativity coming out of India right now. This is important to note, because many software professionals I speak with still view India as "cheap labor" rather than as a global talent hot spot. I know making TV ads and posters is not the same as making software, but this illustrates a point about the infectious backdrop of creative energy in India.

  2. The posters themselves, while fantastic in nature, do show some of the vibrant color of India. As I look out my window on a cold, lifeless New Hampshire snow-scape, I really do wish I was in India, where it's warm and colorful and vibrant and loud.

  3. If you like yoga, and you happen to work with or manage a team of engineers in India, then there are loads of cool yoga-related things like this you can work into your travels. I know several people who have tacked vacation time on to the ends of their business trips, and have done week-long stays at an ashram like this one, or this one. Not my thing personally, but a great opportunity if you're into finding inner peace.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right Tom; I would totally bust you for your inflexibility.