More free software...

While I'm thinking about free software (see yesterday's post), I've recently started using a piece of software called "Sandy". It's good enough that I'd like to give it a plug.

Sandy is an on-line personal assistant robot. Inspired by the LifeHacks movement, "Sandy" is a program that keeps track of your calendar, your post-it notes, your to do list and what ever other information you care to load it with. I've been using Sandy for a couple of months now, and I'm totally sold. You feed Sandy information via e-mail, with some simple, intuitive encoding. You tell Sandy about your day, your lunch meeting next week, that guy's phone number, your mom's birthday... Sandy captures it, remembers it, and sends you daily digests and reminders, to your e-mail or to your mobile.

Sandy is made by a company called Values of n, inc. Rather than butchering their description, I'll just point you to the I Want Sandy web page and you can read for yourself.

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