Dig Safe!

Suffice it to say Dig Safe does not provide services in the Mediterranean Sea. The story I linked to (which may not be a permanent link) is about an internet service outage all over the Middle East, that hit Indian tech firms particularly hard today. (They think the cable cut, off the coast of Egypt, was due to a boat anchor, so Dig Safe wouldn't have helped. If there are any entrepreneurs out there with a big boat, a sophisticated GPS system, and a detailed map of international cable runs, I bet you could get funding this week...)

This reminds me that I've been wanting to write about my Doomsday game, which I'll do later this week. But it also points out a largely un-vended requirement for multi-site development tools (repositories, build farms, defect tracking systems, schedule and task allocation systems) with lazy replication.

It also points out that VoIP, while cheap, probably needs a POTS fall back in everyone's DR plan.

Anyway, bad news for some poor sap in Egypt, and big headaches for network engineers all over the planet...

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