Post-It Notes

So, about a month ago I wrote the following on a post-it note:

"write blog entry about small-set intersection theory of macro-economics"

Okay. I'll do that.

Except I have no idea what the small-set intersection theory of macro-economics is.

I do have my own global macro-economic theory, but it has little to do with set theory, much less "small-set intersection theory". Which while being made of words is basically a bunch of gibberish.

I clearly need bigger post-it notes.

Until I get bigger post-it notes, or until I remember what I meant by small-set intersection theory, I'll just post a link to this site.

It's a map company. The maps they make and sell are just really really cool. They show global trends (things like poverty, imports, exports, fuel production, fuel consumption) by inflating or deflating the sizes of each country on the map. Brilliant way to show a lot of quantitative information quickly.

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