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If you have a team of people working for you in India, you really need to pay attention to what's going on in India. For instance, if you ask your team in a status call if everyone has been able to make it to work and home safely during a week of bad monsoon rains, you show your team a few things -- you're a decent human being -- you are paying attention to their welfare -- you know what's going on around your team, even though it's in India -- you're a responsible business person.

It's real easy to stay up on this kind of thing.

Any number of end-user portal sites can keep you up to date and in the loop. For instance, Google News lets you configure and save a custom news feed page, with feeds from almost anywhere on the planet.

My "Google News" page, which I check every morning when I get in to the office, has links for US Business, India general news, Sri Lanka general news, and Argentina general news. (I work with teams in India and Argentina, and my company has a partner in Sri Lanka...)

I find out about mergers and acquisitions in our space, bombings and floods and cold-war with Pakistan on the Indian sub-continent, Tamil rebels in Colombo, and soccer scores in Argentina. (either not much of merit goes on in Buenos Aires, or I picked a weak news agency...)

5 minutes every morning, skim skim skim, and I'm up to speed. Once every few days I find something worth a deep dive, and I come away better informed.

It really does go a long way with the teams, to pay attention to their worlds.

And as a business owner, you really need to understand geo-political risk, and pay attention to anything that could take your team out of commission for even a day.

Google News (or Google Desktop, or any of a number of other sites or tools) can let you do this for free.

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