Catch-up Blogging - Speaking of Phones

If you travel to Asia or Europe frequently, you should just pony up the extra $15 a month to have GSM enabled cell service. Then, you can get a GSM phone and have one number world wide.

If you don’t travel internationally that frequently, you should still get a phone to take with you. They're handy, particularly when you don't know the country, and you're counting on strangers and vendors to pick you up at the airport.

You can rent a GSM phone for short money. (Well, short money if it’s expensible.) They've actually gotten the provisioning for these down pretty well. You call the provider, ask for a GSM phone, tell them what countries you’re traveling in, and they ship you your phone. After that, it just works. They take a slug out of your credit card, and you burn down against it until hit hits some threshold, then they take another slug. It’s just like fast pass. It even comes in a box you can ship it back to the provider in…